Guitar Set Ups

Guitar Set up is extremely important to how the instrument plays with each individual musician. Everyone's playing taste is different and so is the guitar. String height, the bridge, the frets, the neck, pick up's, the nut, tuners, string saddles & intonation are just a few items that can make your instrument a pleasure or pain to play. If your Guitar is giving you grief, get in touch with us.

Typical Guitar Set ups (Basic)

  • Check overall condition and report
  • Remove old strings
  • Clean Frets ( check frets for uneven or high points)
  • Clean and treat finger board
  • Check Electrics
  • Check neck straightness or relief
  • Set Truss Rod to adjust height
  • Restring Guitar
  • Set Intonation and tune
  • Finalize report (to also include any recomendations)

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Complete Guitar Set Up (Advanced)

  • Check overall Condition and report measurements etc
  • Check Action
  • Check Neck and take measurements from 3, 5, 7, 9, 12 and 17th Frets
  • Remove Old Strings
  • Check Neck Radius
  • Check Nut slots , string height & radius, clean, polish and lube nut slots (recommend new nut from bone if needed)
  • Measure and check frets for high points
  • Fret Level & Re-crown and polish( if needed at additional cost)
  • Correct Minor Fret problems
  • Perform Fret polish
  • Clean and condition Fingerboard
  • Check and lubricate tremolo pivots and string trees
  • Clean & polish Saddles
  • Check Tuning Keys and tighten
  • Check Neck Mounting, screws, and positioning
  • Clean & lube Pots, Switches & Jacks
  • Test all electronics
  • Set Pick Up Height
  • Restring Guitar
  • Adjust Truss Rod for Proper Relief and String Height
  • Set Action via Neck and Bridge Saddles
  • Set StringsRadius to Match Fingerboard
  • Set Intonation per string
  • Clean & Polish entire Instrument
  • Re-measure Settings
  • Finalize Instrument Report (also includes any recommendations)

Note: all problems over and above the set up will be reported prior to fixing instruments, some guitars for example require refretting and additional parts and work.