Welcome to Rocket Music Co.

We specialise in all types of guitar and stringed instrument repairs and renovations.

My experience spans over 3 decades in repairing, building, finishing/ re finishing and have a reputation for high end quality work with focus and training from some of the world’s top brands. I am also a professional musician.

Rocket Music is about providing “quality work and value for money”. We are the Authorised West Australian repairer for “Taylor, Maton, Gibson, Epiphone and other top brands.

I carry out repairs for stores around Perth including The Rock Inn, Concept Music, Sound Centre, Theos etc.

Rocket Music operates Monday – Saturday by Appointment Only.

We are based in High Wycombe, Perth Western Australia.

Please call 0417 919 541 or email through our Contact Page.

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Guitar Repairs and Renovations

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Authorised Repairer